Sunglasses Made in USA


Buying sunglasses made in the USA is a choice, a choice that will save American jobs from going overseas.  You might be surprised that there are many great sunglasses at affordable prices.  We have listed companies that make sunglasses in the USA.  I would be they of great quality than those made in that other country.

Sunglasses Still Made in the United States

Liquid Eyewear – At Liquid Eyewear, we are proud to be one of the very few Made In USA sunglass companies. From our humble beginning in a small garage near the beach in San Diego, we now manufacture and distribute out of Yuma, Arizona and continue to grow. Our energetic staff prides itself on great customer service and put their heart and soul into every pair of handcrafted sunglasses.

Randolph Engineering – Born from an American Dream, rich in military heritage, we promise to engineer, responsibly manufacture and market the highest quality eyewear, always remaining true to our core values.

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