Dog Beds Made in USA


What could be more comfortable for man’s best friends than dog beds made in USA?  Some of the companies listed below even have handmade dog beds.  When browsing the links below you will notice that many of these companies offer many more products for dogs that are made in the USA.

Dog Food Made in USA

dog food

I am sure you only want the best for your dog. After hearing all the encounters with pet food from China hurting the health of dogs, considering purchasing dog food made in USA might be a good idea. Of course, not all foreign dog foods have negative reports, but when was the last time that dog food made in the USA bring headlines? Possibly there is some food from the list below that your dog might like to try.

Pocket Knives Made In USA


It was very difficult finding more than the two pocket knives made in USA that I already knew about, but here they are. I would imagine if your friends are like mine, they would be amazed that you had a pocket knife made domestically. Please consider buying a pocket knife made in the USA only for your pleasure, but to support the American worker. Are you also searching for Knives Made in the USA?

Gun Safes Made in USA


We know you would love to safely place your American made gun into gun safes made in USA. Here are several companies that made their safes in the United States. When it comes to safety, do you trust products that are American made? or those made in that big red country?

Dishes Made In USA


It certainly was not easy to come up with a list of Dishes made in USA. Right now, we currently list four companies that do manufacture in the United States. Hopefully this list will grow through submissions from our visitors and new companies filling the void. Serve your food right, on plates made in America.

Towels Made in USA


If bath, hand, and paper towels made in USA is what you want, you are in luck. Towels made in USA are making a comeback thanks to demand of consumers. While many of these companies have been around for a while, we have seen a couple start-up in the relatively recent past.

Tires Made In USA


Well, unfortunately there are not too many tire brands that are made in America. Tires made in USA are made by Goodyear and Kelly Springfield. Does anyone know of another? I don’t think there is after searching for a while. Kelley Springfield is actually owned by Goodyear so either one or two choices depending on your point of view. Having said that, I have no complaints at all with my Goodyear tires currently on my vehicle.

Cookware Made in USA


There are many options to choose from if you prefer your cookware made in USA. Such items as grills, griddles, rotisseries and much more are still manufactured in the USA. What we do at is list companies that are not only made by American, but companies that produce their goods in the United States. Please take a look at the list of companies that provide cookware made in America.

Flatware Made in USA


Do your guests and your tabletop right by searching for flatware made in USA? Many of us prefer not to support companies that make these products overseas. A lot of us prefer not to put cheap China goods in our mouth! Support America while taking care of your appetite by buying flatware made in the USA.

Dog Treats Made in USA


If your dog was able to speak, more than likely he or she would let you know the they want dog treats made in USA. A lot of the treats you find in stores are made in places you have never visited, or cities you have never heard of on the other side of the World. We have even heard stories of how doggie treats in foreign countries led to dogs getting sick. Treat your dog right by getting dog treats made in USA.