Baby Stuff Made In The USA

made in america baby products

All of us want what is best for our children, so when the choice is there between cheaply made for goods and baby stuff made in the USA it’s an easy decision. How many times do we hear about products with defects and find out it was made in a foreign country? When you do buy American-made items for babies there can never be a 100% guarantee that it is safe, but what can be guaranteed is the item is produced by workers who are better trained than their overseas counterparts.  See the list of baby stuff make in the USA and start your baby on the right path in life.  As always, we encourage visitors of this site to inform us of companies we may have missed or product listing that no longer belong on this website. 

Baby Bedding Made in the USA

baby bedding made in the usa

Let your baby rest in style and comfort by knowing that by sleeping on baby bedding made in the USA.  These products should be sewn and built with more care than the overseas options.  Plus, by buying American you are employing men and women of the United States, helping our economy and the future of our great country.  Search baby bedding materials such as fit sheets, pillows, and even sleeping bags.  Buying these bedding materials will not only allow your baby to sleep better, but yourself as well. 

Baby Blankets Made in the USA

usa made baby blankets

Let your baby snuggle in style with baby blankets made in the USA.  Your baby will have a comfortable rest with these blankets made right here in the United States by adults, not children.  Take a look at the list of below at the companies that offer American-made blankets. 

American Made Products for Pets

pet products

Finding American made products for pets is made simple with our list of pet supplies listed below. Most of us here believe America-made pet products are safer than the those made in other countries as well as more durable. Our pets deserve the best and we as pet owners deserve that piece of mind. A lot of the USA made pet products us can find using the links below are for dogs and cats, but we are also searching for pet goods for other animals. Take a look at the USA made products for pets such as dog and cat food and treats, dog collars, pet gifts, dog beds, clothes and much more. If your company makes pet supplies that fit the description of our site please post your companies name and the product in the comments section. No links please. If you are a consumer and notice something that is no longer made here please let us know.

Baby Clothes Made in USA

baby blanket

Peace of mind will come to new parents knowing the clothing their baby is wearing was made in America. We often hear stories about problems with products coming overseas and how children are making them. Do what is best for your family and our country by purchasing baby clothes made in USA. There are many darling baby clothes out there but when you check the label you will find they are usually not baby clothes made in USA. If you’d like to find clothing items for babies made in the United States, please see the list below. Americans take pride in our work, you can expect quality.

Cowboy Boots Made in USA

cowboy boots

To a lot of us this is not an option, we must have cowboy boots made in USA.  Cowboy boots are such great symbol of American culture both past and present.  So cowboy up while supporting American jobs by searching through these long-lasting boots made in USA.

Sunglasses Made in USA


Buying sunglasses made in the USA is a choice, a choice that will save American jobs from going overseas.  You might be surprised that there are many great sunglasses at affordable prices.  We have listed companies that make sunglasses in the USA.  I would be they of great quality than those made in that other country.

Backpacks Made in USA

backpacks made in usa

With pretty much everyone having one just think of how many American jobs would be brought back the backpacks were all made in the USA. Let’s kick up the demand for by finding your next backpack from the links below. Remember that when you are buying something here for your family or even yourself, you are supporting the USA.

Sneakers Made in USA

sneakers made in the usa

Find some great long-lasting sneakers made in USA. Honestly, this list is very small. I will look for more.

Watches Made in USA

watches made in usa

If you’d like and we know you do, you can look for watches made in USA.  You will even find them.  It can be hard to find items such as watches that are still made in the USA, you just have to know where to look.  Please check the list below of companies that make there watches within the borders of our great country.