Bicycles Made in the USA


Believe it or not, there are many bicycles made in the USA.  If you want to ride an American made bike and support America, check out the list we have accumulated.

Derri-Air Bicycle Seats

BMX Bike Racing and Bicycle Accessories – We manufacture high quality and affordable BMX racing and street components. Our products include gears, stems, crank sets, chain tensions, seat post clamps.

Bicycle Hubs (USA Made) – We stock handlebars, grips, stems, headsets, hydraulic disc brake parts, hubs, rims, tires, DH tubes, bash guards, chain rings, chains, derailleurs, shifters, seat posts, body armor, tools & accessories from these and other high quality manufacturers.

Snap BMX Products
To win at racing, you must start with a great snap. At Snap BMX Products, we make high quality, lightweight BMX products that are designed and tested by people who race BMX. Our products are built to win races and hold up over the long haul. All of our products are manufactured right here, in the USA, in our modern CNC facility. We adhere to strict quality control standards to insure customer satisfaction. We want you, the racer, to be 100% satisfied with everything we make.

Worksman Cycles – America’s Oldest Cycle Manufacturer.  Since 1898 Worksman Industrial Mover  & Adaptable Tricycles, Worksman Front Load Trikes,  Industrial Bicycles, The Low Gravity Bike,  Recreational Adult Tricycles, Side by Side Team Dual Trikes, PAV Trike,  Specialty Cycles, Classic Cruiser Bicycles, Ice Cream Carts, Ice Cream Tricycles  Hot Dog Carts and much  more are shown on this site.

Aero Fast Bicycle Co. – The Aero-Fast bicycle possesses an interesting past. The brothers Smith, Clayton and Willard opened a retail bicycle shop in Miami, Florida in 1944. Both were mechanically inclined and they soon outgrew their first store. Through additional hard work they entered the world of wholesale with the purchase of a carload of Roadmaster bikes with funds coming from the sale of Clayton’s home. After moving to Jacksonville, Florida in 1948, they became the southeastern distributors for Arnold Schwinn and Co. of Chicago, IL. In 1956 they moved into the original building on the same block where Aero-Fast bicycles are made today.

Co Motion – Turning ideas into bicycles is more than just giving someone an order. At Co-Motion Cycles, we’re very practical about the way we do things. The bicycles shown on this website are a reflection of that. In fact, every one of our bicycles is evolved from our past experience- from the bicycles we ride ourselves to those we build for our customers. We began like many other frame builders – building strictly custom bicycles. As time went on, we offered stock models based on what our customers were ordering. We tracked our fitting data, and paid attention when customers asked to change an angle here or there, or accommodate a new component or innovation. Now more than ever, we use customer input to influence how we’ll continue to push the evolution of the bicycle.

Easy Racers – Built from a foundation similar to that of the Cobra, with a carbon fiber and fiberglass shell, then reinforced by a lightweight, ultra supportive aluminum frame and padded with a layer of high density foam, the Sprinter marks the next evolution in the design of our seats and gives Easy Racers riders exactly what they’ve been asking for.

Independent Fabrication – Every frameset we build is custom, built for an individual customer from start to finish here in our Somerville factory. But how custom is custom? At IF custom means every tube, every length, every angle, and every option is selected to meet our customers’ needs and desires. If that isn’t enough, we have a state-of-the-art PPG Certified Paint shop that is set up to handle your custom paint requests, any color, any shape, essentially any scheme that you can come up with. Your bike will be as unique as you are. Made in the United States of America.

Lynskey Performance – Lynskey Performance Designs is dedicated to making each customer satisfied by offering numerous custom and Houseblend models as well as unlimited finish choices that are as individual as you are. Our buying process is simple and easy with only a few basic steps that will guide you towards perfect fit and perfect performance. American Made.

Trek Bicycling Co.
Trek is people committed to changing lives through cycling. Who strive to enhance the riding experience worldwide through innovative products, dynamic partnerships, bicycle friendly development, and exceptional dealer and customer care. Still Made in America.

Nalgene – Most plastic containers are marked (usually on the bottom) with a number within a triangle with arrows – commonly known as a recycling symbol. These numbers, known as the resin identification coding system, were created in 1988 to facilitate recycling programs across the country. These recycling numbers can range from #1 to #7, depending on the type of plastic. The #7 recycling label is a catchall indicator for plastics made with a resin other than those in the #1 to #6 designations, or made of more than one resin. The #7 category not only includes polycarbonate, but also includes compostable plastics made of organic material and other types of plastic that do not necessarily contain BPA (Bisphenol-A). For example, our new Everyda™ line manufactured with Eastman’s Tritan™ copolyester is a #7, but does not include BPA.

Volae – The future of traveling is here today with the NEW VOLAE ES frames. Whether you want a Dual 650 high racer, a Dual 26” high racer or a 26/20 touring recumbent to take on trips overseas or across the states, you won’t have to compromise performance when you ride a Volae recumbent with the ES option. The cleverly engineered frame separates in the middle to facilitate packing in a standard bike travel case while preserving the high performance that you demand. Some travel bikes compromise performance to make the bike extremely easy to compact for traveling.  Volae chose to retain the legendary Volae performance even though it means that you may have to pay an extra fee to take your bike with you. The ES is a $650 option.

Walz Cycling Capz – Our traditional style cycling caps are made from durable, comfortable, medium-weight fabrics and are both stylish and functional. Our unique four panel design offers clean lines for a snug cap that fits nicely under a cycling helmet. All caps are individually sewn in the United States and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you do not like the product for ANY reason we will refund your money.

3 Responses to Bicycles Made in the USA

  1. Bob says:

    I think you should check with someone from Trek. I purchased a new Trek FX 2 in July 2014. It came with a sticker, prominently displayed below the head stamp that said, “MADE IN CHINA”. It was the same sticker that was on the Trek Navigator that I purchased new in 2002. I think you will find that Trek bicycles are “designed” in Waterloo, Wisconsin, and all but a couple of their top racing models are outsourced to other countries. At one time, some models were manufactured in Ireland and Germany. I think most are now made in China.

  2. James says:

    I remember when Schwinn, Huffy and Columbia Bikes were made in the US.

    What a shame. I refuse to buy a bike made in China.

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