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Finding American made products for pets is made simple with our list of pet supplies listed below. Most of us here believe America-made pet products are safer than the those made in other countries as well as more durable. Our pets deserve the best and we as pet owners deserve that piece of mind. A lot of the USA made pet products us can find using the links below are for dogs and cats, but we are also searching for pet goods for other animals. Take a look at the USA made products for pets such as dog and cat food and treats, dog collars, pet gifts, dog beds, clothes and much more. If your company makes pet supplies that fit the description of our site please post your companies name and the product in the comments section. No links please. If you are a consumer and notice something that is no longer made here please let us know.

Pet Food Made In the USA

PetGuard (Dogs and Cats) – PetGuard has been providing a natural alternative for your pet’s needs since 1979. We are very concerned about the well being of your pet and encourage you to contact us if you have any questions regarding our products or natural pet care. Pet food made in America. Pawgevity (Dogs and Cats) – Pawgevity is involved in the food we make! We personally visit each farm, ensuring that they produce the quality ingredients your pets deserve. We know our farmers and they know their animals, they are like minded people who appreciate our mission. And our commitment doesn’t stop there, we are involved with every aspect of food production from the farm to the packaging to the delivery to your favorite local retailer. Made in Virgina, USA.

Dog Food Made in USA

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Dog Treats Made in America

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Pet Clothes Made in the USA

Sam’s Dog Hut (Dogs) – Here at the Hut, we want to meet your most creative and demanding dog product needs. From quality dog leads to dog diaper wraps, each item in our catalog is made with the best materials and craftsmanship. Most of our products were inspired and designed out of necessity, to provide effective solutions for your canine where lesser products commonly found elsewhere fall short.

Go Buy American (Dogs) – Show your puppy love. Put your pooch in his own cool doggie t-shirt from American Apparel. He’ll be the envy of all the pups in the park. Let him wear a doggie-cool design so he can express what he’d like to bark out loud. Do it up in doggie style.

Lonewolf Dogwear (Dogs) – Makers of quality custom-made dog coats, service dog vests, therapy dog vests, search and rescue dog vests and coats, blaze orange and camouflage dog vests and coats, waterproof and fleece dog coats. All products are custom made in the USA.

All Star Dogs (Dogs) – Made in the USA from start to finish, All Star Dogs is the industry leader in officially licensed team pet apparel and accessories. With over 200 active licenses including NCAA, NHL, and MLS, we manufacture the largest and most versatile line of licensed pet products in the market today. We also specialize in designer winter coats and outerwear and a large spring/summer collection of light weight tank tops and hooded shirts.

Bub Dogs (Dogs) – Let’s face it. For some dogs, fur/hair isn’t enough in cold weather. Plenty of rescues have their hair shaved because of issues, other dogs sport thin coats, or exposed bellies. We believe in “when appropriate,” and “in moderation.”

Pet Collars / Leashes / Harnesses Made in the USA

Be Bop USA (Dogs and Cats) – Be Bop USA Dog Collars and Leashes, a family-operated business in Portland, Oregon since 1988. We are committed to providing quality dog products Made in the USA. Every purchase you make will help benefit abused and unwanted animals. So shop, educate yourself and feel good that your business is going to a great, humane cause!

Around the Collar (Dogs) – Leather collars, harnesses, leashes and carriers enhanced with Swarovski crystal elements and other embellishments and handcrafted for pampered dogs.

Tasman’s Natural Pet (Dogs) – Shop their collars and other pet products made in the USA. At Tasman’s Natural Pet Brands, we have developed all natural rawhide treats for your dog and some very unique and beautiful Bison leather pet products. We are committed to bringing you only the highest quality pet treats and Leather products second to none in quality, reliability and beauty.

Dog Collar Fancy (Dogs) – Does your dog always get what he wants? Is your cat the queen of your home? When your pet is the center of your universe, you do anything to keep them healthy, happy, and of course, stylish. Dog Collar Fancy is proud to present you with a wide selection of fashionable and high-quality designer dog collars and pet products at unbeatable prices. Proudly made in the United States pet products.

Friendly Dog Leash (Dogs) – The “Friendly Dog Leash” Walker is extremely easy to use and comes in a variety of sizes and lengths, customized for your needs.

UdogU (Dogs) – UdogU designs and makes Easy-On Dog Harnesses, Ruffle Harnesses, Dog Hats, Collars, Leashes, Bandanas, WizWraps, and Dog Coats, all in matching high-fashion fabrics. Our products are handcrafted in the USA and machine washable (line dry recommended).

Pet Support Suit (Dogs) – AST Get-a-Grip Harnesses and custom Pet Support Suits provide unbeatable support and control for pets of all shapes and sizes.

Made in America Pet Shampoos and Cleaning Products

Happy Cat Solutions – Eliminate odors with puddle out. Puddle Out is used and recommended by veterinary, grooming, boarding, and animal sanctuary establishments for its safe and effective ease of use. Product of USA. Made in Bristolville, Ohio.

Tick Key – TickKey is the only tick removal device on the planet that uses natural forward leverage to remove the entire tick, head and all, quickly and safely without touching or squishing even the toughest engorged ticks. TickKey is 99.9% effective in the safe removal of all sizes and types of ticks on both people and pets. Pet product made in the United States.

PurePet – Since 1988 – The PurePet philosophy of “Purity for your pet – purity for the planet” means our products are safe for pets, safe for people, and safe for the environment. PurePet products are 100% natural and organic and are made in the USA. PurePet does not engage in animal testing. All PurePet products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

American Made Pet Furniture

Dynamic Accents – Dynamic Accents, Ltd. We design and manufacture innovative, handcrafted, top quality wooden pet products. We firmly believe that our pet products signify the true quality and innovation that consumers will be proud to display in fine homes everywhere. All their pet products are proudly made in the USA.

Pet Stairz – The “ORIGINAL” pet step lightweight and portable foam PetStairz products featured in Sky Mall through since 2003, CBS early morning, NBC & Access Hollywood. Our product has been in existence for 15 years and is guaranteed against foam seperation for the life of the product.

Angelical Cat Company – Angelical Cat Furniture offers cat trees, cat houses, cat condos, cat scratching posts, outdoor cedar houses, sculptured cat furniture, cat specialty play pieces, cat gift items and other pet furniture.

Catty Stacks – Stack-able and fun cat boxes made right here in the United States.

Planet Dog – Since incorporating in 1997, they have been known as the industry’s leading socially responsible, values-based design house, bringing people and dogs together for fun and mutual support.

Pet Tree Houses – From a custom home builder of million dollar homes and a wife with a passion for animals – to master crafters of feline habitats.


More Pet Supplies

Just Bird Toys – Just bird toys is a family owned and operated bird toy manufacturing company located in Mesa, Arizona. We own several birds (as well as other pets) and we only give them the best available for they are part of the family.Some birds can live or out live people so they deserve the best quality for the best price and should never be expossed to a potentialy harmful toy with Sub-standard materials.

Creative Bird Toys – & both offer some of the most creative, innovative & eco-friendly bird & critter toys, a long with other products for them & their care givers.

Faux Paw Productions – Check out our online store and gallery of whimsical art. You will fall in love with our collections of cats and dogs. We also offer ceramic cat and dog bowls, trivets, spoon rests and other tabletop & original ceramic art.

Glacier Point for Cats – It is our ultimate goal to keep our customers satisfied and to provide a supply of clean healthy water for their pets with our line of handmade, ceramic water fountains that are 100% food-safe, easy to clean and keep clean. You are our best advertisers and we look forward to continuing to provide you with the best cat fountains in the world.

Jake ID – Give your cats and dogs a Made in America identity tag.

Scratch N’ All – Since scratching and grooming is an activity all animals enjoy, they will rub on any convenient surface or object. Door jambs, furniture and posts soon show wear and may even break or splinter; creating rough edges and sharp points that could puncture the skin or cause other serious injuries.

ShadowCasts – Award winning handcrafted LifeCast dog urns
and cat urns are Made in the USA, custom paint and eye-color options are available.

Pet Toys

Small Critters – Creative small animal toys, innovative critter toys, eco-friendly critter toys, a long with other products for small critters & rabbits.

Purrfect Play – Purrfectplay is proud to manufacture here in the USA. 90% of our fibers are also grown/milled/processed in the USA. Only our hemp fibers are grown in another country.

Unbreakoball – We are a family run company. Our goal is to support the American Worker. Purchase and supply American Made Products.

Dog Toys

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Dog Beds Made in the USA

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