OurAmericanStore.com strives to protect the American worker and pleasing those who specifically shop for American made products. Support America and buy USA.

American Made Stuff for Pets

pet products

Find some incredible American made stuff for pets from the list below.  You know your pet deserves quality, so consider looking for things like clothing for dogs, bird food, even urns. 

Baby Clothes Made in USA

baby blanket

There are many darling baby clothes out there but when you check the label you will find they are usually not baby clothes made in USA. If you’d like to find clothing items for babies made in the United States, please see the list below. Americans take pride in our work, you can expect quality.

Cowboy Boots Made in USA

cowboy boots

To a lot of us this is not an option, we must have cowboy boots made in USA.  Cowboy boots are such great symbol of American culture both past and present.  So cowboy up while supporting American jobs by searching through these long-lasting boots made in USA.

Sunglasses Made in USA


Buying sunglasses made in USA is a choice, a choice that will save American jobs from going overseas.  You might be surprised that there are many great sunglasses at affordable prices.  We have listed companies that make sunglasses in the USA.  I would be they of great quality than those made in that other country.

Backpacks Made in USA

backpacks made in usa

Find quality backpacks made in USA.

Sneakers Made in USA


Find some great long-lasting sneakers made in USA. Honestly, this list is very small. I will look for more.

Watches Made in USA

watches made in usa

If you’d like and we know you do, you can look for watches made in USA.  You will even find them.  It can be hard to find items such as watches that are still made in the USA, you just have to know where to look.  Please check the list below of companies that make there watches within the borders of our great country.

Dog Beds Made in USA


What could be more comfortable for man’s best friends than dog beds made in USA?  Some of the companies listed below even have handmade dog beds.  Let that human trapped in a dog’s body have some good rest.

Dog Food Made in USA

dog food

I am sure you only want the best for your dog. After hearing all the encounters with pet food from China hurting the health of dogs, considering purchasing dog food made in USA might be a good idea. Of course, not all foreign dog foods have negative reports, but when was the last time that dog food made in the USA bring headlines? Possibly there is some food from the list below that your dog might like to try.

Pocket Knives Made In USA


It was very difficult finding more than the two pocket knives made in USA that I already knew about, but here they are. I would imagine if your friends are like mine, they would be amazed that you had a pocket knife made domestically. Please consider buying a pocket knife made in the USA only for your pleasure, but to support the American worker.